We have a large range of fresh and frozen products on display daily in our retail outlet at the Sydney Fish Market.

Wild Caught
Our range of fresh wild caught seafood changes on a daily basis and is subject to seasonal variations, but there is always a large variety available.

Our seafood comes from the boats that long line fish, and trawl in Australia’s pristine waters. Generally, the majority of the fish we stock are in season. But if there is a particular fish or product you would like, we will happily source it for you.

Australian aquaculture dates back to the 1870s. Since the 1980s it has really started to grow. Some seafood, such as Atlantic salmon and oysters, are only farmed. There are many other types of seafood that are both farmed (in sections of Australia’s ocean and fresh pristine waters) and wild caught.

Some popular farmed products include: Atlantic salmon, oysters (Sydney rock, Pacific), prawns (mainly tiger and banana), mussels, trout, barramundi, and yellowtail kingfish.

Our large range of fish are filleted daily for sale in our retail store. If there is a whole fish you would like to purchase and have filleted, our experienced fillet men will be more than happy to help out.

Individually selected and shucked on a daily basis, our range of Sydney rock and Pacific oysters are definitely a treat.

As oysters are subject to seasonal variations, our experts at Musumeci Seafood carefully source the best oysters, direct from the farmers, through these seasons to provide you with the best oysters all year round.

Our popular sashimi bar in our retail shop displays “A” grade sashimi daily. Some sashimi products prepared daily include yellowfin tuna, yellowtail kingfish, and Atlantic salmon.
Our sashimi bar also stocks seaweed salad, scallops, and sea urchins.

We provide a large range of prawns available to our customers. From black tiger prawns, king prawns, school prawns, to banana prawns, vannamei prawns, and peeled prawn cutlets both cooked and raw.

Lobsters, bugs, crabs, yabbies, scampi and more… We also have fresh live lobsters, mud crabs and other crustaceans kept in our live tanks in our retail outlet.

Our wide variety of molluscs includes loligo squid (Hawkesbury), Southern calamari, Gould’s squid, scallops, mussels, octopus, clams, vongole, pipis, and live abalone.